Our helical piers are used for many different applications. Helical Piers Inc.’s product can support any load or application, with a fast and efficient installation process. We have included examples of applications used today:

Earth Retention - Examples

Permanent Foundation Shoring Process

Helical piers are utilized as tiebacks for permanent earth retention/foundation shoring. They allow contractors to install tiebacks faster, easier, and without any concrete/grout (unless design requires it). The helical piles can be galvanized to provide long lasting protection & durability against corrosion in permanent applications.

Temporary Shoring Systems

Similar to the permanent earth retention utilization of helical piers, when they are used in a temporary system, most times they are not required to be galvanized which decreases costs and the removal of the helical piers is quick and easy and can be done with small machinery when having to work in tight spots/areas.