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At Helical Piers Inc., we use the highest quality material, cutting edge heat treatment technology, multiple welding processes, CNC machine centers, thread gauges, and computer assisted design tools. Each step of our manufacturing process is closely monitored by our quality control personnel, who have a distinctive role in our business.  A history of success proves it.

In order to competitively compete in today’s growing helical anchor market, we knew we had to manufacture a helical anchor that tests as the highest torque ratings and capacity ratings on the market. We did just that. HPI’s newest design, the “Hex Drive Helical”, is proven to have torsion strength greater than two times the industry standard. This new design allows for more torsional capacity due to the connection between the lead & the extension(s) as well as the connection between the drive head & the lead or extension(s). This has given the industry a higher bearing capacity pile in both tension and/or compression applications. 

Our Advantage

Our new design only uses one bolt for connections, instead of the standard 3 bolt design. This provides quicker connection times, leading to increased productions. With our new design, contractors can now use less piles with quicker installation times, while still achieving the needed bearing capacities. See some our product in the marketplace below:

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