At Helical Piers Inc., we know that in order to competitively compete in today’s growing helical market, we knew we had to manufacture a helical pier that tests at the highest torque ratings and capacity ratings on the market.  We do just that.  We are driven by innovation and are in constant pursuit to design the strongest anchor on the market.


Helical Piers Inc. is a full service manufacturing company that not only manufactures the highest quality helical anchors, but strives to be a partner in our customers operation.  We deliver on our promise and provide the superior knowledge across industries that maximize efficiency for our customers.


03. Our Philosophy

For us, success is more than just mere statistics. It is steered by our passion for excellence. At Helical Piers Inc., we set out to define the industries practices and create benchmarks for the industry standard. We believe in long term business relationships that are based on mutual goals, ethical business practices, and the single minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary.

Helical Piers Inc. (HPI) is based just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota in Winsted, Minnesota and is an international manufacturer of helical piers. With over 60 years of experience, Helical Piers Inc. has an experienced and dedicated team that has leveraged their experience and expertise, and combined it with the latest manufacturing technology to produce the industry’s highest quality piers.

We are devoted to working with our customers to understand their need for our product and create an approach that accomplishes the goals of their business. With our wide range of industry knowledge, we will dive deep and use a team approach to accomplish all of our customer’s needs. We believe in the value of the product that we design and manufacture.

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The first Helical Anchor Patent was sold as an asset of a past company that HPI staff founded and operated. This patented product was commercially successful at the time of sale. This product has seen extreme growth and success, which is why we have spent several years designing our new anchor. We have seen great interest in this new design.

Helical Piers Inc. (HPI) personnel have an extensive background in the downhole drill tool market.

inertia welding helical piers


Ake Ronnkvist developed the Inertia Welded Drill Pipe.

inertia welding 3


Ake Ronnkvist was awarded a patent for the Inertia Welded Sucker Rod used to power oil well pumps.

He was recognized with the NGWA “Achievement in
Technology Award” in 1987.

hpi chilean mine rescue


the team at HPI was recognized for designing and manufacturing the drill string that was used to drill the escape shaft for the Chilean Mine Rescue

helical piers 2


HPI was awarded a patentthe for an Inertia Welded Helical Anchor with hardened ends

helical piers 1


HPI was awarded a patent for a High Tension Cable Divider Screw-In Foundation System

helical piers 3


HPI designed and applied for a patent on the Hex Drive Helical Anchor (Patent Pending).


“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

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Madison Rönnkvist

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